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1. Eveline L.

I can always count on Oo-kook for an awesome meal that is so satisfying cuz you get to try a bunch of different meats~ My must-orders are: Angus prime brisket, pork belly, beef tongue, ribeye, steamed eggs, and corn cheese!! Trust me, if you don't know where to start, just order what I recommended (can't go wrong!!) Service is also excellent, they must have changed our grill like 5 times without us even asking. And of course, they are happy to bring you any extra banchan (side dishes) or dips/sauces if needed! Needless to say, I'll definitely be back again~

2. Alana N.

Extremely efficient! The wait wasn't too bad cause they are extremely efficient. The servers are extremely quick ( to order, to change the grill). A good variety of meat, seafood and great steaks! Love the side dishes. Ambiance is loud and a little smoky

3. Angela K.

Food: Came with some friends and it was definitely one of the best kbbq spots I've tried in a while!! The side dishes were INCREDIBLE! I usually never eat the kimchi at korean restaurants because it's 99% of the time not good but the kimchi here is quite literally the best kimchi I've had in a restaurant EVER!! That's what made this experience a 10/10 because good kimchi I swear is hard to come by!! The meat was delicious, and I don't typically eat chicken at kbbq but their marinated chicken was the star of the show in my opinion!!

4. Karen C.

For the price of $37.99 per person for AYCE, it really is a steal in the area, considering there are so many surrounding kbbq spots competing against each other. At that price point, I wasn't expecting filet mignon or rib eye to be on the menu, but it was! I personally love meats that are unseasoned because if the meat is fresh, the natural flavors and juices will show. Plus, that's what dipping sauces are for. I enjoyed the filet mignon, rib eye, beef tongue, brisket and the PARKING: $4 VALET on site or you can try to find free parking in the neighborhood. IMO, it's just easier to pay for valet and get it over with so you can enjoy your meal sooner. They did a fantastic job with parking our car and pulling it up so it was easy for us to get out of the parking lot. Make sure to tip them if they do a superb job!

5. Risa Y.

Oo-Kook Korean BBQ stands out among our favorite KBBQ spots. The restaurant's cleanliness and exceptional ventilation set it apart from others where you might feel greasy and smoky after dining. At Oo-Kook, the air is filled with the tantalizing aroma of delicious meat, not the lingering smoke or grease. One thing that struck us was their approach to cooking--using rosemary and butter to prepare our ribeye steak was a delightful surprise. While we love grilling our own meats, having the option for some assistance allowed us to enjoy our time savoring the meal. It was the perfect balance between cooking ourselves and receiving their expert touch. The overall service was top-notch, making our dining experience thoroughly enjoyable. Without a doubt, we'll be returning to Oo-Kook for more!